Zimdollar future hangs in the balance

IT is imperative for every successful and expanding economy in the world to have its own currency and monetary policy. I make that statement because it is important for all Zimbabweans to understand t...

By Eddie Cross | Published: 12 September 2023


Anti-sanctions march a wake-up call for Mnangagwa

THERE is palpable anger in the country against President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his inept government. People are bitter that their standard of living has plummeted to laughable levels in the past two ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 October 2019


Mnangagwa must call for referendum

WHILE President Emmerson Mnangagwa has done well in meeting leaders of political parties under Polad, I urge him to go further and meet all stakeholders so as to solve the economic crisis that has env...

By Harry Peter Wilson | Published: 22 October 2019


Stacking the odds against Cassava Smartech's Sasai

Cassava Smartech, an Econet spinoff, recently launched Sasai, a mobile application which mirrors China's WeChat. Of course, it is a first by Africa, but odds are highly-staked against its success.Ther...

By Respect Gwenzi | Published: 18 October 2019


Mthuli Ncube cut his nose to spite his face

ZIMBABWE businesses, grappling with the realities of hyperinflation and exchange rate induced losses, have pressed the panic button over worsening macro-economic conditions in the country, with severa...

By Phillimon Mhlanga | Published: 18 October 2019


Mnangagwa should take heed of churches warning

IT IS high time President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration take decisive action to save the country from going down the precipice. There is ample evidence that as a nation we are moving nowhe...

By Staff reporter | Published: 14 October 2019


Sell the laggards, buy disruptors

As Jorge Paulo Lemann, co-founder of 3G Capital would put it, "I've been living in this cozy world of old brands, big volumes, nothing changing very much and you could just focus on being very efficie...

By Batanai Matsika | Published: 11 October 2019


Seven years is a very long time under these circumstances

THE country's church organisations have presented quite an interesting proposal which is to postpone our elections for seven years in order for us to find each other as a people.The Church has likened...

By Staff reporter | Published: 10 October 2019


May the last person to leave, turn off the lights

ONE of the questions that I ask myself daily is: Is there a point to this?I have to be honest, I feel defeated and I wonder if there is any hope that this country's fortunes will improve anytime soon....

By Nqaba Matshazi | Published: 10 October 2019


Zanu-PF's tax evasion outs govt

The Zanu-PF government is taxing people dead on one hand, but is an artful dodger of tax on the other. That's an insulting contradiction.Months ago, Mthuli Ncube, the Finance minister, introduced a 2%...

By Tawanda Majoni | Published: 06 October 2019


Zimbabwe after Mugabe

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over from former president Robert Mugabe (may his soul rest in eternal peace), there was widespread consensus that it was the right move.There was jubilation and...

By Kudzai Kwangwari | Published: 06 October 2019


The Mugabe legacy, the ignominy of failed G40 politicking

The controversy and contradiction surrounding the memory of the late former President Robert Mugabe is telling of the extent to which his legacy was abused both in life and in his afterlife.Therefore,...

By Lewis Matutu | Published: 06 October 2019


Grace Mugabe needs protection from vultures

ZANU-PF should learn to move with the times and stop persecuting the late former president Robert Mugabe's family.Mugabe - who ruled Zimbabwe from 1980 until November 2017 when he was removed through ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 05 October 2019


New Zesa board will have its work cut out

The tough talk by Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi to appoint a new Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) board is a noble idea because the country has been battling acute el...

By Beaven Dhliwayo | Published: 04 October 2019


Zimbabwe now a truly cashless society

THE monetary system the world over, including in Zimbabwe, over has undergone a sea of change in the past century. From barter trade, a world without money, there have been many other means of exchang...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 October 2019


Beware of safe haven assets, fair value adjustments tend to burn later on

The Zimbabwean economy is fundamentally going through what the global economy is experiencing as well, albeit due to slightly different dynamics. A safe haven is generally a place where investors "par...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 September 2019


Zimbabwe currency stability faces headwinds

The battle for new currency stability faces severe headwinds, and the signs are not good. It was always going to be an uphill task, even under the best of conditions to re-introduce a currency that wa...

By Joseph Mverecha | Published: 23 September 2019


The price of inflation will be very high for Government of Zimbabwe

How many jobs were created in the Midlands province in the month of June 2019? Were there policies put in place, 12 or 6 months ago, in Midlands that can be referenced as explanatory to the job number...

By Chris Chenga | Published: 22 August 2019


Attack on Mugabe coup announcer exposes polarisation

LAST Friday, in an unprecedented move - Foreign Affairs minister Sibusio Moyo and his delegation to London - were attacked by a group of angry Zimbabweans in the English capital city.The unwarranted a...

By Editorial Comment | Published: 16 July 2019


Getting Zimbabwe back on track

IT is extremely frustrating to sit on the sidelines of this game we are all playing called "getting Zimbabwe back on track".We are doing so many of the right things, our team is looking much better th...

By Eddie Cross | Published: 12 July 2019


Exchange rate upward pressure on

Exchange rate upward pressure onTHERE were signs this week that the grey market was slowly returning from its brief sabbatical following the monetary policy dawn raid of June 24 that called out the mu...

By Brett Chulu | Published: 12 July 2019


Mthuli Ncube, spare us those hikes

While ordinary Zimbabweans are bearing the brunt of the high cost of living following the recent fuel price hikes, the situation could get tougher if indications by Finance minister Mthuli Ncube are a...

By Editorial - Newsday | Published: 12 July 2019


Unexplained wealth orders here to stay

THE proposed introduction of a free-standing procedure which compels an individual to explain the source of his wealth is a radical development in English law. For instance, the human rights and polit...

By Prosper Simbarashe Maguchu | Published: 12 July 2019


Job Sikhala must stop behaving like a teaser bull

MDC-Alliance deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala, who has been arraigned before the courts on allegations of subverting a constitutionally-elected Government, is indeed, not new to controversy. It...

By Isdore Guvamombe | Published: 12 July 2019


Sikhala's foot in mouth: Storm in a tea cup

THOSE who have been following Zimbabwean politics since the country's independence in 1980 are most likely wondering what all the hullaballoo is about over the statements made by ultra-controversial o...

By Editorial - Newsday | Published: 10 July 2019

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