Consumer basket declines

Consumer basket declines
Published: 03 July 2014
The consumer basket for a family of six has marginally decreased by 0.67 per cent to $588.07 in June from $592.97 due to a minimal decline of prices of goods in the basket in June.

According to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), food items like mealie-meal, tea leaves, laundry bars, cooking oil, cabbages, beef and salt recorded slight price decreases in June while commodities like fuel, margarine, fresh milk, bread and bath soap were unchanged from May 2014 levels.

CCZ executive director Ms Rosemary Siyachitema attributed the price falls to promotions and specials in supermarkets as they competed to attract customers.

"We had the OK Grand Challenge promotion and you know if one supermarket reduces its prices others follow suit to attract customers," said Ms Siyachitema.

Marginal price increases were recorded for commodities like washing powder, tomatoes, rice and flour.

The country's inflation figures have been hovering below zero since February and in May stood at minus 0,19 percent after gaining 0,07 percentage points on the April rate of minus 0,26 percent.
- zbc


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