Seed Co issues fake seeds warning

Seed Co issues fake seeds warning
Published: 01 May 2019
REGIONAL seed producer, Seed Co, has warned against buying uncertified seed, saying it has poor germination rate and results in low yields.

Seed Co southern region manager, Mr Charles Munyoro, said farmers should not buy seed especially maize from the streets and from uncertified dealers.

"There has been a high influx of fake seeds in the market, which are being sold by some unscrupulous individuals.

"These fake seeds usually result in low yields most of the time. Most fake seeds have a poor germination rate and by buying such seeds, farmers risk making losses," he said.

"As farmers prepare for the winter farming season, we urge them to desist from buying seeds from unregistered and uncertified dealers. There are a lot of registered seed processors in the country and farmers are encouraged to make use of them."

Mr Munyoro said local seed processors were also available to provide technical assistance to farmers.

"Zimbabwe is capable of producing more than enough food if we work together and if farmers are capacitated. If we use good inputs, then we are guaranteed of a good output so that we can feed ourselves and export to other countries. Actually we shouldn't be importing grain from other countries because our farmers are capable of producing the required food for the country," he said.

"As seed manufacturers, we do not only sell seeds to farmers, we also provide any technical assistance to farmers any time they need it. That way, we are able to ensure good harvest."

Mr Munyoro said registered seed producers like Seed Co always produce good and quality seed with a high germination rate.  

"Seeds from registered and reputable seed processors always produce significant results and good harvests because they can withstand any harsh weather conditions, as evidenced by good yields harvested by people who are under the Command Agriculture programme," he said.

Last year, over 50 farmers in the region entered Seed Co's Eleven Tonne Plus Club Promotion, which saw all farmers achieving between 11 and 22 tonnes of maize per hectare.

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