Govt launches Command Water Harvesting

Govt launches Command Water Harvesting
Published: 31 July 2017
Government has launched the Command Water Harvesting which is aimed at transforming livelihoods of people in communal and farming areas.

Under the programme, there shall be construction of dams and also small weirs on rivers to allow for the collection of water during the rainy season for sue during the dry period.

This will also ensure communities can produce crops throughout the year even during dry times.

Speaking during the launch of the programme in Marondera West recently, the Minister of Defence, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi said people should take advantage of such programme to boost agricultural production and enhance household and national food security.He said people should not wait for handouts but produce own food.

"We are here to build our nation. The country will only be built by Zimbabweans and no one else. Development does not come from outside but from within.  Some years ago we have a challenge of hunger and Government came up with a programme for self-sustenance. This year many people are expecting a bumper harvest.

"This year and the following year we will not import any food and we are grateful to the people who produced food this year," he said.

Dr Sekeramayi urged the nation to unite to achieve the goals of the economic blueprint ZimAsset.

He said the Command water harvesting was beneficial to the community of Marondera West.

"We can have irrigation, drinking water, fisheries and livestock will have water. The ZANU-PF party should also work hard to boost fisheries and enhance nutrition," he said.

Marondera West member of Parliament, Retried Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri said it was important that people harvest water during the rainy season for future use.

"We should not waste the rain water or let it go to the Indian Ocean. Government is focusing on establishing a dam at every ward to ensure sustainable livelihoods.

"I appreciate members of the community for ward 14 for assisting with resources towards the construction of the dam. We are going to boost horticultural activities and improve our income

"We should also switch to modern technology such as drip irrigation which does not waste water," he said.

In a speech read on her behalf by Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate chief hydrologist Mr Zvikomborero Manyangadze , Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri said the Command water harvesting programme was coming at a time when the country was poised for better times following a successful agricultural season.

"Ensuring access to water has been a key priority of Government as evidenced by the number of dams and related infrastructure constructed around the country since independence.

"While most of this infrastructure benefited large scale commercial farmers, towns and cities the command water harvesting programme is deliberately aimed at improving the lives of the people at grassroots level," she said.

Min Muchinguri-Kashiri said the programe also entailed the repair of small community dams, rooftop and rock top rain water harvesting.

"With Zimbabwe having two distinct wet and dry seaons water collected during the rainy season will be criotical in meeting the epops' water needs in the dry period.

The programme will see the Zimbabwe National Water Authority which is the management lead agency providing technical.
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