Falling SA rand hammers ailing Zimbabwe

THE alarming fall of the South African rand against major currencies - over the past few months - is likely to hit Zimbabwe's ailing economy hard.Although Harare continues to resist local industry's i...

By Staff reporter | Published: 15 June 2018


Trade deficit destabilises economy

THE widening trade deficit which reached almost US$1 billion in the first four months of 2018 continues to wreak havoc on the deepening economic crisis despite government's repeated claim that the cou...

By Staff reporter | Published: 08 June 2018


Boost for Zimbabwe infrastructure

Zimbabwe has received a massive infrastructure boost after the country last week became the nineteenth member state of the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) - the continent's leading infrastructure dev...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 May 2018


Zimbabwe exports up 46%

ZIMBABWE's exports increased by 46 percent to $329,6 million in the first four months of the year compared to $225,6 million during the comparable period last year, official trade figures show.The imp...

By Staff reporter | Published: 15 May 2018


IMF reviews Zimbabwe's economic growth rate

The International Monetary Fund has reviewed Zimbabwe's economic growth rate for this year and sees growth picking up next year as the country moves away from the difficult period it has been going th...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 April 2018


Annual inflation rate now 3.52%

Zimbabwe's annual rate of inflation gained 0,6 percentage points in December 2017 to 3,52 percent in January 2018, latest official data shows, partly driven by the 2018 back to school spending.The Zim...

By Staff reporter | Published: 20 March 2018


Inflation declines, experts query data

THE year-on-year inflation rate for the month of February stood at 2,98%, after shedding 0,54 percentage points on the January figure, the country's statistical agency has said.In January, annual infl...

By Staff reporter | Published: 19 March 2018


Forex crisis weighs on Zimbabwe economy

THE depletion of banks' nostros accounts, used to fund foreign payments, created serious settlement problems for international payments and resulted in most banks having a backlog for telegraphic tran...

By Staff reporter | Published: 15 March 2018


Zimbabwe inflation declines to 2.98%

Zimbabwe’s inflation rate for the month of February shed 0.54 percent to settle at 2.98 percent compared to the January inflation rate of 3.52 percent, official statistics show.The Zimbabwe National...

By Staff reporter | Published: 15 March 2018


Inflation rises to 3.52%

ZIMBABWE's year-on-year inflation gained 0.06 percentage points last month to 3.52 percent from the December 2017 rate of 3.46 percent, official statistics show.The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency...

By Staff reporter | Published: 19 February 2018


Zimbabwe strikes World Bank deal

Zimbabwe is on the verge of breakthrough to start receiving concessionary finding support from the World Bank for the first time in nearly two decades after the Bretton Woods institution agreed to eng...

By Staff reporter | Published: 26 January 2018


Zimbabwe inflation hits 5-year high

ZIMBABWE'S national statistics agency this week moved to defend official inflation data following criticism that its figures seemed to understate resurgent price increases largely driven by an acute f...

By Staff reporter | Published: 18 January 2018


Inflation stands at 3%

ZIMBABWE'S year-on year inflation rate closed 2017 at 3.46 percent gaining 0.49 percentage points on the November rate of 2.97 percent, official figures show.This means that prices as measured by the ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 January 2018


Zimbabweans stash $1 billion offshore

FUNDS held by Zimbabweans in offshore banks rose to US$1 billion last year, having declined to US$300 million four years ago, following escalating political risk and uncertainty at home, Reserve Bank ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 14 December 2017


Consumer goods prices continue to soar

Zimbabwe consumer prices are surging as basics mark their fastest rise this year, with experts blaming the rise on profiteering by retailers.The price of beef soared month-on-month to $7,50 per kg thi...

By Staff reporter | Published: 06 December 2017


Zim trade deficit narrows to $1,56 billion

ZIMBABWE'S trade deficit narrowed by 28% to $1,56 billion in the 10 months of the year on the back of increased exports despite an uptick in imports, latest trade data from the national statistics age...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 November 2017


Zim inflation to reach double digit in 14 months

Zimbabwe's annual inflation gained 0.64 percent in September to 0.78 percent from 0.14 percent is projected to close the year 2018 at levels between 10 and 99 percent, the Parliament Budget Office (PB...

By Staff reporter | Published: 18 October 2017


September inflation at 0.78%

The country's annual inflation for September stood at 0.78 percent, gaining 0.64 percent on the August 2017 rate of 0.14 percent, the Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency (ZimStats) has announced toda...

By Staff reporter | Published: 16 October 2017


Zimbabwe-SA trade deficit shrinks by 32%

THE trade deficit between Zimbabwe and South Africa narrowed by 32% to $98 million in the first eight months of the year, after exports increased by 15%, latest trade data from the Zimbabwe Statistica...

By Staff reporter | Published: 29 September 2017


RBZ insists inflation will close year at 3%

RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya, says year-on-year inflation will continue on an upward trajectory, but end the year at three percent.Price increases have intensified over the past fe...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 September 2017


Inflation remains unchanged

Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation remained unchanged in August after showing an upward trajectory for six consecutive months between November 2016 and May 2017.Zimbabwe recorded price inflation of ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 18 September 2017


MDC Alliance targets $100 billion economy

FORMER finance minister and MDC Alliance principal, Tendi Biti, says the alliance government is targeting at a $100 billion economy which will create mass employment, reported.Speaking...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 September 2017


Re-introducing Zimdollar will be economic suicide

THE adoption of bond notes as official currency would worsen the parallel market, thereby, quickening inflation, analysts have warned.Last week, government's top adviser on ease of doing business refo...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 September 2017


'Zim heading towards de-dollarisation'

THE central bank's decision to more than double the size of its bond-note programme to $500 million confirms the country is headed towards de jure de-dollarisation, which threatens to accelerate infla...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 September 2017


Zim economy rebound pie in the sky

ZIMBABWE'S economy continues to be in the doldrums despite the government claiming it is on the rebound, industry officials have said.Over the years, government officials have been talking about an ec...

By Staff reporter | Published: 03 September 2017

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